Client Testimonials

She gave me the courage to go out and wear what I want!  

Jami is great! I had a wonderful time with her and I was very comfortable. She helped me to identify my own personal style and gave the courage to go out and wear what I want! Thank you Jami! I would not hesitate to hire her again and highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed!Autumn M., Seattle

What really impressed me is her ability to pair clothing and accessories–she really has a talent for pulling together an outfit.

Jami has a real eye for fashion and inspires me to try new things. She is a lot of fun to shop with too. She has a way of just knowing what works. While making sure you are comfortable and confident in what you wear, she will force you out of your comfort zone and make you realize that you can wear things that you never thought you looked good in before. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal shopper.Amy E., New York

Her number one priority was me and my comfort level in my new clothes.

I’ve never really thought much about how I dress and what I wear. Now that I’m in my late 30’s, I realize that I can do better with my wardrobe and how I present myself to the world. But not without some help. Jami and I talked a lot about what I liked and what I would be comfortable in. When we met at nice clothing store, she went right to work. She was so patient and thoughtful. Her number one priority was me and my comfort level in my new clothes. Having her there with me at the dressing room was extremely helpful. If something didn’t fit, she went and got me a different size. If the color was wrong, she got another one. And I knew she was being honest with me about how things looked because she wasn’t working for the store and looking for commission. Jami helped me to realize that dressing up can be fun, not stressful, as long as you have the right pieces. And the right stylist! She is professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking reinvent their look or just brighten up their style.Debra P., Astoria, NY

Jami has helped me look at fashion in a whole new way.

She’s creative in finding good options for my figure (which by the way is not easy at 5’2 and very curvy!), while never being pushy or forcing options that I would not be comfortable in. I always thought that I would have to be a Hollywood fashionista to afford a stylist, but Jami was very affordable and flexible to work with. Looking forward to having her help me in the next few months again to select a few new items for Spring & Summer!Genie K., New York

I am now a fan for life!

Jami recently helped me shop for a job interview. I was really nervous and didn’t know how to approach looking ‘edgy’ and ‘stylish’ but Jami knew exactly what dress I should wear and picked out all of the accessories to match. It worked so well I later asked her help on something simple like shopping for sunglasses.

I am now a fan for life! I had never tried a stylist before and now I can’t imagine not shopping without one. I thought I knew fashion, but I now realize that sometimes I need a push in a different direction to try new things I never realized looked good on me.Anne L., New York

Jami really took the time to get to know me first: my life style and my work life but more importantly *me*.

Hiring a fashion consultant was a bit of a scary process for me. Especially imagining someone going through my closet and critiquing every t-shirt, pair of jeans and dress that had piled up. Jami is a comfort and put me at ease from the very beginning. She’s professional, kind, incredibly smart and so engaging.  Jami had me try on outfits and we discovered combinations from existing pieces that helped me see my wardrobe in a whole new light! She helped me focus on key pieces to build around and most importantly, really helped me to make the most of what I already have. We were actually on the same page with the items for the “do not wear/don’t flatter you” pile. yay!

Now my shopping trips are successful and I end up buying pieces I will wear over and over. Fantastic! I am working with Jami again for a wedding I am attending in September and know I will look fantastic with her keen style sense.Denise P., New York

The results have been better than I could have ever expected with people literally stopping me on the street, on the bus, in stores, etc. with compliments and friends loving my new looks.

Where do I begin? I am so glad that I found Jami as she has changed my life and my perspective on many things. After a very sad event happened in my life that led me to recall the age-old cliche that “life is short,” I made a list of the things I’d want to do if I was a rock star. Yes, I want to be a rock star. Unfortunately, the probability of that happening is extremely low. Anyway, when I wrote out the list, I realized that I’ve always had this idea/fantasy of having a personal shopper bring the perfect outfits to me. I had kind of a mental block about purchasing anything out of the norm for me and was always convincing myself that “I couldn’t wear xyz…” To be fair, I always liked to dress nicely and I guess some people thought I was relatively fashionable, but I was uninspired and bored by my entire wardrobe. As I started researching prices for stylists, I realized that I didn’t actually have to be a rock star to have this dream come true – in fact, it could be affordable.

I talked to multiple stylists and stopped looking immediately when I talked to Jami. I knew from the first few minutes that I wanted to work with her. I wasn’t sure why I knew this, but I went with it. It has turned out to be even better than anything I ever thought! Not only do I have fabulous new outfits (and some “new” old outfits that I’m looking at in different ways), but working with her has helped me open up new ideas about my wardrobe and understand more about how to express myself through my clothes. I’ve always been a bit of an aspiring artist, but I couldn’t figure out how to let that come through in my wardrobe.

Jami is helping me discover how to do this and expanding the way I think. In only a short time, I do notice that people are responding to me in new ways, which is really fun! The results have been better than I could have ever expected with people literally stopping me on the street, on the bus, in stores, etc. with compliments and friends loving my new looks. I even had a few people who I’ve known forever tell me that “something about me is different” and they couldn’t put their finger on it. I learn more every time I talk to Jami. To get even more specific, she went through my wardrobe and did an amazing job of helping me let go of items while also helping me rethink others. Our shopping trips now are extremely efficient as Jami somehow manages to pick out the best items for me within minutes. I usually end up buying most of what she picks out and somehow it all looks great! I don’t know how she does it, but obviously I highly recommend her. You can’t go wrong with Jami!Melissa L., San Francisco

She is very personable and most importantly listens to what I want.

I was really overwhelmed with trying to keep up with being fashionable and traveling like a crazy woman when a friend recommend me to Jami’s service! She was extremely flexible with my ever changing schedule. She spent a lot of time understanding my style and gave me insight about how to put different looks together. I’m very petite so it added an additional challenge in finding things that fit my body type, but Jami knew exactly what stores and boutiques to target. Jami even linked me up with her own tailor – talk about service  She did a tremendous job in helping me understanding the importance of well fitted clothes make all the difference. I’m finally starting to build a great wardrobe with her help.Palak P., New York

She works hard and clearly loves what she does.

I have been working with Jami for over a year now and I love having her as my stylist. Not only is she friendly, personable and fun to be around; but she really knows her stuff. She takes the time to ask me the right questions so that she can get to know me and can find pieces that fit my personality. She always encourages me to embrace the body I have and to work it, which I wholeheartedly appreciate.

Jami is a pro and she always come up with great options for me to rock. She even keeps me posted with items for sale on Gilt Group, Ruelala; and other department store steals at Nordy’s, Bloomie’s and Saks that fit my style.

I have attended the events that she often holds at Boutiques around town and I always have a great time. And I end up with a new piece (or two, or three) that I never would have picked out for myself, but that I feel SO HOT in.

Jami never pressures me to buy anything and she just knows what sort of things work for me. She also is sensitive to my price point. At times, I feel like going high end (DVF and European lines)… and at other times I feel like doing the Banana Republic thing. She knows how to navigate both ends of the market and has even been known to help clients pull together “champagne taste on a beer budget” looks at places like Target!

To say the least, I highly recommend the services of Jami Crane and I absolutely love working with her (and following her company Facebook page and her blog, which I have saved to my favorites!!). She works hard and clearly loves what she does. I can guarantee that you will enjoy her and the priceless services that she has to offer.Sara W., San Francisco

She has a great sense of style and really knows how to select the right pieces for each individual.

I have had the occasion to meet and work with several personal shoppers lately and Jami is by far the most professional, enthusiast and sincere among all of them. Jami truly wants her clients to feel good about themselves and while she encourages them to try things on, she also knows when to back away and ultimately let them make the final decisions themselves. She has a great sense of style and really knows how to select the right pieces for each individual. I highly recommend Jami’s services, and will for sure continue to collaborate with her in the future.Carole Harrari, Owner of La’ Boutique, San Francisco

Jami has an eye not just for quality but for personal style.

I attended a boutique event with Jami, and she helped me find some gorgeous signature items from what seemed to be an overwhelming selection of beautiful clothes and accessories. I was rather lost in a sea of possibilities until Jami arrived at my dressing room with an armful of some of the loveliest things. The only reason I didn’t purchase everything she selected was because my size wasn’t available! Jami has an eye not just for quality but for personal style. Everything she selected represented my ideal sense of how I want to look. I’ll be working with Jami to find some perfect fall pieces in the next month or so, and I can’t wait!!Tosca F., San Francisco

All around a wonderful experience working with Jami…

Recently Jami found a new briefcase/laptop bag for me, I have a busy life and can’t always get out to do a lot of shopping when I need a particular item. I was looking for a new professional yet fun briefcase and Jami found the perfect one and even better it was on SALE so the price was great. All around a wonderful experience working with Jami, if you need help with just the occasional item or a complete wardrobe consultation…I have seen and heard rave reviews!!!Aleesa B., Los Angeles

She helped me put together tons of outfits with what I already had as well as give me ideas for anything new.

Need help taking what you have in your closet and making it seem new and interesting? Call Jami!!! She helped me clean out my closet and get rid of things that I either never should have bought, have outgrown, or just don’t love… did I mention she’s a saint as we ended up with 6 bags for Crossroads and Goodwill. She has an amazing sense of style and does a great job of helping you find your personal style.Heather P., San Francisco

I have been enjoying making incremental improvements to my wardrobe based on Jami’s advice and it’s been fun.

I am a single male professional and wanted to take my game up a notch by improving my wardrobe and overall sense of style. Jami was recommended to me by a friend. After reviewing what I had in my closet and discussing my goals and budget, we set out to do some shopping. It was a totally amazing experience. We tore through everything in the Bloomingdale’s mens department and I came out of there with exactly what I was looking for, and the information I needed so I could go back and do it again on my own. Since then I have been enjoying making incremental improvements to my wardrobe based on Jami’s advice and it’s been fun. I would highly recommend her.David K., San Francisco

It’s about understanding the client, which is her strength.

Jami has style that is fun, as well as sophisticated. I love that about her! 
She keeps me in touch with what’s up on the hottest fashions, makeup or jewelry. She has opened (what was limited) my eyes and lifted my confidence when it comes to paring styles and venturing further with jewelry. It’s about understanding the client, which is her strength.
 With her now having an east coast location, I look forward to hearing, plus learning, about the latest in the fashion world. And take a few shopping trips!!Morgan M., San Francisco